The Gist will be returning for its second season of The Fantasy Premier League bigger and better. Catch what’s new in next season’s edition of #TheGistFPL.
No team will be relegated from #TheGist Fantasy League
This is considering the disadvantage many teams faced in the fight for relegation due to late entry, squad creation problems etc. The first season has thus been taken as a trial version by #TheGist admin The Gist would thus like to take this opportunity to thank all the competitors for ensuring that this season was a huge success. However, the first 5 game weeks of next season will be taken to be the criteria for relegation.

NOTE: The top 5 of the 2016/17 Fantasy league season will be given immunity from the five game week trial relegation system.

Only the top thirty teams will remain in #TheGist’s premiere fantasy league while the rest will subsequently fall into #TheGist Division 1. Thus, open entry will given to new comers until the commencement of the new season after which all teams willing to join after will fall into division 1.

New monthly relegation system
#TheGist would like to announce that from next season, the bottom three at the end of every 14 game weeks will be relegated and swapped with the top three of #TheGist division one. This will give each team relegated an equal opportunity of redemption. However, the system will only apply until game week 28 after which all teams placed as are will remain in the league they sit in. Thus, game week 14 and 28 and the end of each season will serve as the official relegation dates. Teams that refuse to comply shall be promptly removed and replaced with a more compliant team.

Competition changes and prize money

The new season of #TheGist Fantasy League will require a mandatory subscription of K25 per member. Thus, all teams placed in #TheGist Fantasy Premier League after game week 28 will be required to pay a K25 subscription. Payment will be made within a 5 game trail period (game week 29-34) after which those who would have not paid will be swapped with a more compliant team from #TheGist Division 1. The subscription money will subsequently be used to purchase prizes for the top three performers in #TheGist Fantasy league next season.

#TheGist UCL Fantasy open policy

The second season of #TheGist UCL Fantasy will be open to new members up until the limit of 30 is reached.

See you on August 11 when the competition starts again.

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